JANTZEN DIVING GIRL Visualization Illustration for campaign to return the iconic Jantzen Diving Girl back to Daytona Beach, Fl. RICHMOND INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY Illustration depicting the new Victory Lane being constructed as RIR undergoes major renovations. RICHMOND RACEWAY The infield FANZONE with possible branding opportunities. AUTOCLUB SPEEDWAY The new garage area gets a major overhaul. This visualization was one of many depicting possible branding opportunities. DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY During construction of Daytona's new $385 Million New grandstands, possible branding opportunities were presented to various entities. This type of visualization is very successful enabling the viewer to "see" what their branding could entail. ISM RACEWAY, PHOENIX, AZ Interior with branding opportunities at the new ISM Raceway. ISM RACEWAY, PHOENIX,AZ Visualizing the new exterior of ISM Raceway. ISM RACEWAY, GARAGES Part of the new look at ISM Raceway. Visualizing the garages and branding. RICHMOND RACEWAY Campaign for branding. Client wanted to visualize what the gates might look like. MARTINSVILLE SPEEDWAY Visualizing possible hospitality entitlement and RV trackside parking. MICHIGAN INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY Visualization for Monster Energy entitlement. ISM RACEWAY, PHOENIX Visualization new Victory Lane. MICHIGAN INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY Proposed hospitality tents and deck. MICHIGAN INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY Visualizing proposed tent and deck hospitality entitlement. MICHIGAN INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY VISUALIZE BILLBOARDS INSTALLED ON TURN 4 MIS. MARTINSVILLE SPEEDWAY Visualize fans signing cars in pre-race activity. THE BARN, ISM RACEWAY, PHOENIX Initial proof for new Barn Bar. MARTINSVILLE SPEEDWAY Fill the stands and visualize what new SkyDeck would look like. ISM RACEWAY, PHOENIX entrance visualization for Jeff Gordon's new venture. ISM RACEWAY, PHOENIX Jeff Gordon's mock up for his new bar. DARLINGTON RACEWAY DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY Add two gentlemen on either end shoe weren't there for original photoshoot. MARRIAGE BARN HEBRON, MAINE Add two gentlemen on either end shoe weren't there for original photoshoot. MARRIAGE BARN HEBRON, MAINE PHOENIX RACEWAY GARAGE


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